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  • 20'' Plyo Box Medium
    Keeping Your Athletes Healthy: Identifying and Screening Upper Quadrant Muscle Imbalances
    Xpress Weight Machine Home Gym with Leg Press Machine
    Body Solid Powerline Vertical Knee Raise
    Fit Over Fifty: Balance Workout
    All Purpose Lite Mat Std 48x24x1/2
    MegaStrength Step Box 4'' x 18'' x 24''
    Postpartum Recovery Techniques and Exercises

  • How To Be Your Own Hero
    Gym Biz
    Star Trac Johnny G Spinner Elite
    20 Lb X-Vest Weighted Vest
    MegaStrength Dumbbell Row/Kickback Bench
    Measurement Specialties Analog Bath Scale
    Commercial Folding Exercise Mat 96x48x1 1/2
    MegaTuff 45 Degree Hyperextension - Commercial

  • Danskin Starter Strength - 5 in 1 Dumbbell Set (2 - 10 Lbs)
    Emergency Readiness for Health Fitness Facilities
    Total Fit Travel Gym
    All New Advanced Slide Workout
    Building a Successful Personal Training Program from the Ground Up
    Remanufactured Star Trac 4410HR Recumbent Bike with HR Self Powered Remanufactured
    Mega Pro Style Dumbbell Rack 9 pr Triple Level
    Leading Change

  • ProBell Pro18 Chrome System
    All Purpose Foam Mat Long 60x24x1/2
    MegaStrength Half Rack - Technique Trays
    Wobble Board 20 Intermediate
    Epil Stop n Spray Melon Cucumber Scent
    Understanding the Food Guide Pyramid
    MegaStrength Seated Calf (Adj. seat, knee rest & round foot block)
    Urban Rebounder - Stand Alone

  • Premium Preacher Curl Attachment
    Exercise Ball 75cm Transparent Green
    Fitnus Marble Series - Total Workout - 24'' x 36''
    Dumbbell Tower 5 50lb set
    Fitness Cross Training
    Aerobic Pac Optional Casters
    Chrome Dumbell 5lb to 50lb Ergo Handle Set w Three Tier Dumbbell Rack
    Upper Body Exercise Techniques

  • The Miracle of Being a Woman: Fat Cells Food Cravings and the Five Stages of Female Passage
    14'' Pilates Ring
    MegaTuff Vertical Chest Press Machine 200lb Weight Stack - Commercial
    25lb Adjustable Versa Bell Dumbbell Set
    Body Solid Powerline Preacher Curl Bench
    Yoga Strap 8'
    Body Solid Powerline Leg Ext Leg Curl Machine
    Get Fit Crew Kid's Fitness Program

  • Mega Elliptical CrossTrainer ET860 Light Institutional
    Wobble Board 16 Advanced
    Optimizing Strength Training to Maximize Volleyball Performance
    10kg Black Rubber Bumper Weight Plate
    MegaTuff Leverage Incline Press - Commercial
    CD DVD Player Option
    Jolie Weights Weights for shoes
    Pro Rubber Dumbbell w/ Chrome Handles - 150 Lb Set

  • Bodybuilding & Fitness Directory
    TUFF Ball Purple 65cm 26''
    Rawlings ''Extreme'' Fitness Flooring System
    Kathy Smith: Pilates For Abs - DVD
    Pro Rubber Dumbbell w/ Chrome Handles - 1100 Lb Set
    Tunturi F330 Exercise Bike
    Wynne 2.1R Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike
    MegaStrength Power Squat

  • The RAMP?Instructor Intro Kit
    SoloTrainer Home & Travel Workout Cards - 10 Card Set
    As Seen On TV: Trikke? 6 Sports Series
    Ten Pair Vinyl Dumbbells w Rack
    The ABCDE'Ss of Cardiac Rehabilitation
    MegaTuff Olympic Bench - Commercial
    Exercise Mat 72x24x3/8 Purple
    WalkVest Addt 4 Lbs Weights

  • MegaStrength Seated Leg Curl (200 lb.)
    Mega Single Level Hex Rack
    Dual Tuff Ring Medium Resistance Band - Teal
    Resistance Training: Benefits Rationale Safety and Prescription
    Strength Training for Young Athletes
    Eat for Success: A Recipe for Healthy Weight Loss
    Pro Steel Dumbbells w/ Chrome Handles - 4650 Lb Set
    Cardio Strength Treadmill 1000

  • Swiss Ball Basics Kit with DVD, 65 cm Transparent Blue Ball & Pump
    Balance Board 28X11X 2.5+2+1
    Developing a Safe Pre Natal and Post Natal Exercise Program
    PowerBlock SportBlock Tray
    Pro Urethane Dumbbells w/ Chrome Handles - 175 Lb Set
    Walk Away The Pounds Express w/ Leslie Sansone
    MegaTuff Dumbbell Pair - 7.5 Lbs
    MegaTuff Dumbbell Pair - 130 Lbs

  • MegaTuff Dumbbell Pair - 5 Lbs
    Urban Rebounder Series - Compilation 2
    Mega Preacher Curl Bench
    Snuzzler For Infants For Baby Jogger (Single)
    MegaTuff Dumbbells Set - 6100 Lbs (105 to 200 lbs)
    Balance Step 8X12X2.5
    Handling Difficult Clients
    Deluxe Yoga Mat 72x24x1/4 Purple

  • X136 Olympic Weight Plate Tree
    Freedom From Tobacco
    Horizontal Dumbbell Rack 2 Tier
    MegaTuff Leather Head Harness
    ProStretch Unilateral - Cord Kit
    Mini-XPress - 150 Lb Weight Stack
    Xpress Weight Machine Home Gym without Leg Press Machine
    Rock Steady Step

  • Yoga Bricks
    84 Lb X-Vest Weighted Vest
    Frank Zane Ultimate Leg Blaster
    Understanding Exercise Purpose and Progressions
    MegaStrength Neck Machine
    9.25 Inch Olympic Adapter - Single
    Walking for Health and Fitness
    Epil Stop n Spray

  • Kids Lift Guide
    MegaStrength Corner Cross Over W/Adj. Pulley (2-200lb.) Chin bars
    Classic Yoga Mat 68x24x1/8 Purple
    MegaStrength Vertical Leg Press
    Mega Cycle 3000 Recumbent Exercise Bike Light Commercial
    10 Minute Solution - DVD
    Fibromyalgia: The Exercise Connection Get Ready Set Go!
    As Seen On TV: Suzanne Somers Toning System

  • Kick It
    Body Solid Powerline Plate Loaded Gym Without 150 Lb Weight Stack
    Mega Barbell Rack Horizontal Wide
    Urban Rebounder - Sand Weights
    The FIRM 2 ? Body Sculpting System & Sculpting Stick
    Landice L7 Club Executive Trainer
    Rethinking Health Care in America: How the Health Club can Expand the Health Care Continuum
    SRF Board Stabilization Rotation and Function

  • MegaTuff Dumbbell Pair - 30 Lbs
    Air Resistance Cushion Deck Manual Treadmill
    Fitnus Marble Series - Cycling Recumbent Workout - 24'' x 36''
    Black Barbells - 20 to 110 Lb Set
    Mega Smith System Loaded w Attachments
    12lb Exercise Bar
    As Seen On TV: Deluxe Gym Compare to BodyFlex As Seen On TV
    Facilitated Stretching

  • AquaJogger Classic belt
    MegaTuff Half Rack with Platform
    Mega Pro Style Dumbbell Rack 4 pr Double Level
    MegaStrength Weight Tree W/Bar Holders
    Full Life Fitness
    7 Inch Olympic Adapters - Pack of Two
    Strength & Power for Young Athletes
    Deluxe Yoga Mat 72x24x1/4 Green

  • Denise Austin: Fat Blasting Yoga - 21 Days To A Yoga Body - DVD
    CHAKRA - Massage Table
    Tunturi J4F Treadmill
    Star Trac Stairclimber SC4100
    As Seen On TV: Body Bow - As Seen On TV
    EN 304 Endorphin Parallel Dip
    JB Berns Freedom Exercise Series
    Exercise Ball 65cm Transparent Blue

  • DeltaBells for Hands Medium
    Pro Steel Dumbbells w/ Chrome Handles - 1400 Lb Set
    Troy High Grade Fully Machined Gray Wide Flanged Olympic Weight Plates - 500 Lb Set
    As Seen On TV: Clean Between Machine by Wellquest
    MegaTuff Olympic Military Bench - Commercial
    Cycle Reebok: Foundation Training Part 1
    Improving Flexibility and Strength with Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
    Healthy Lifestyle Guide

  • Pilates Mat Workout Video
    Women and Weights: An Illustrated History
    Mega Pro Style Dumbbell Rack 8 pr Double Level
    15 Minute Workout For Dummies - DVD
    Super Sculpt Workout
    Neoprene Dumbbell Set of 2 10 Even Colored
    Specialized Strength Training: Winning Workouts for Specific Populations
    Large Wavy Balance Pad Deep 24X 16X 2.5

  • Plyoback Medicine Ball Rebounder - Adjustable
    MegaTuff Crossover Pulley Selectorized - Commercial
    Carry Bag For Twinner 2
    ACE's Guide to Resistance Training for Older Adults
    Versa Bell Combo Stand
    International Style Ez Curl Bar Black.
    Body Solid Powerline Power Rack with Lat Attachment
    Waist Trimer Blue

  • 2.5 Lb Brick For Weight Stack
    Pro Rubber Dumbbell w/ Chrome Handles - 425 Lb Set
    Rubber Coated Add on Weight 5lb
    Troy High Grade Fully Machined Gray Wide Flanged Olympic Weight Plates - 400 Lb Set
    Dumbbell Set Quiet Iron Pro Style Commercial Set 105 to 120lbs 4 pair
    Body By Jake Ab Scissor 30 Day Risk Free Home Trial
    MegaTuff Lat Pull Machine Deluxe 200lb Weight Stack - Commercial
    Donut 5/8 Lb Weight Microloading PlateMate

  • Health Club Deluxe Treadmill Cleaning Kit
    MegaTuff Leverage Chest Press - Commercial
    Gym Flooring 4 Ft x 6 Ft x 1/2 In Smooth Surface Rough Back
    Beth Shaw's YogaFit
    Flexibility and the Science of Stretching
    Developing Quality Programs for Children
    Powertec Power Rack
    Exercise Ball 55cm Anti-Burst Purple

  • The Firm: Complete Aerobics & Weight Training - DVD
    Billy Blanks - Tae Bo Cardio - DVD Exercise Mat & 3 Lb Dumbbells
    Epil Stop Sport For Men
    Shoulder Horn
    Endura Spinner with Paint Finish
    Fitness Testing for Fire Fighters
    Rubber Encased Barbells w/ Rubber Endcaps - 25 to 115 Lb Set
    Pro Rubber Dumbbell w/ Chrome Handles - 1150 Lb Set

  • 8'' Olympic Adapter Sleeve (1)
    Medicine Ball Conditioning for Kids of All Ages and Fitness Levels
    Injury Prevention Strategies for the Neck Back and Shoulders
    Powertec Leverage Maxi Crunch
    Mega Beauty Bell Rack 9 pr
    Strollertime: A Complete Workout With Baby In Tow
    Olympic Home Bench with Lat Pull Machinedown
    Balance Hub Triangular 2pcs

  • Mega Pro Style Dumbbell Rack 6 pr Triple Level
    Exercise Testing and Program Design
    Baby Jogger 2 with 16 Inch Wheels
    Hand Strengtheners
    Gray ProStyle Dumbbells Rubber Cap 5 120lb Chrome Handles
    Gray ProStyle Dumbbells Rubber Cap 55 100lb Chrome Handle
    MegaTuff Sissy Squat - Commercial
    MegaStrength Squat Rack

  • ZoomBoard Classic
    Star Trac Sport Recumbent Bike 4900
    Building an Attitude of Excellence
    MegaStrength Olympic Incline Power Station (Alum. spot stand)
    As Seen On TV: Richard Simmons Food Mover
    Star Trac Natural Runner EE4630 Elliptical
    X135 Standard Weight Plate Tree
    KidzPower Abdominal Curl & Back Extension

  • Fitnus Marble Series - Exercise & Muscle Guide (Male) - 24'' x 36''
    Pro Fitter Physio Kit
    The Myths & Realities of Stretching
    SoloTrainer Workout Cards Fanny Pack
    Understanding the Bottom Line: Creating Financial Awareness
    As Seen On TV: Wristech Blood Pressure Monitor
    SoloTrainer Workout Cards - 68 Card Set
    MegaStrength Combo Rack

  • Mega Smith Rack Gym System
    Reebok Impulse HR Monitor
    All Purpose Foam Mat Short 36x24x1/2
    Pro Solid Steel Urethane Dumbbells w/ Stainless Steel Handles - 2550 Lb Set
    Abs RAMP?
    MegaStrength Leg Press (35*/load cap. 40-45?s)
    PowerBlock Travel Bench
    Neoprene Dumbbell Set pair of 2lb 4lb and 6lb

  • Beaded Jump Rope Red White & Blue
    Exercise Ball Pump
    Gray Barbells - 20 to 110 Lb Set
    Neoprene Dumbbell Set of all 10 Colored
    Baby Jogger Performance Series Double 16 Inch Wheels
    MegaStrength Power Rack Mid-line - Platform Inset
    Crunch Cardio Salsa - DVD
    3 - 25 Lb Set of Hex Dumbbells

  • Hot Legs
    Power Push Up 2
    Dumbbell Set 5 50 Lb Pairs Troy Vtx 12 sided Grey With 2 Tier Rack
    Star Trac Pro Upright Bike 6330
    Exercise Ball 75cm Anti-Burst Green
    TUFF Ball Plum 55cm 22''
    Body Solid Powerline Power Rack
    MegaStrength Power Rack - Weight Tree & Bar Storage (10 horns)

  • Lisa Nunziella: Red Hot Salsa Made Simple
    10 Minute Solution - DVD & 3 Lb Dumbbells
    All Purpose Lite Mat Step 42x16x1/2
    SteelFlex 4800 Treadmill
    Neoprene Dumbbell Set pair 10lb and 12lb
    Star Trac Stairclimber SC4130HR with Heart Rate Monitor
    Aerobic Training Guide
    Ironmaster Crunch Situp Attachment

  • MegaTransformer Power Rk Sys w/ 300 Lb Wt Stack - Comml Grade - Commercial
    Advanced Strength Training: Keys to Superior..
    Single Tuff Ring Heavy Resistance Band - Purple
    Stamina Elliptical Crosstrainer
    The Step Workout System - 1 Green Platform & 4 Violet Risers & FREE Workout Video
    Pro Rubber Dumbbell w/ Chrome Handles - 1400 Lb Set
    Upper Body Power for Hockey Performance
    Glute Blaster Selectorized

  • MegaTuff Seated Bench - Commercial
    Mini-XPress - Lat Attachment
    MegaTuff 3 Way Hip Sled - Commercial
    30 - 50 Lb Set of Hex Dumbbells
    International 6' Polished Black Weight Bar Zinc Finish
    DynaBoard 15 Inch Round
    MegaTuff Leg Curl Machine Prone
    6lb Exercise Bar

  • MegaTuff Dumbbell Pair - 190 Lbs
    Step 2B Fit
    Pearlescent White Paint Option
    MegaStrength Lever Row Swivel Adjustments
    Built Hard
    Amazing Step Style
    MegaTuff Dumbbell Pair - 22.5 Lbs
    Landice L8 LTD Executive Trainer

  • Hex 1.25 Lb Weight Microloading PlateMate
    T1 TUFF Cable Resistance Band - Teal
    MegaStrength Half Rack - Hooks (Cam-followers, pair)
    Dumbbell Fitness
    Power Jump Rope
    Black Barbells - 25 to 115 Lb Set
    MegaTuff Double Ladder - Commercial
    Powertec Workbench Multi System

  • Deluxe Treadmill Maintenance Kit-Wax
    Band Flex Home Gym Compare to Bowflex
    MegaTuff 3 5 8 Dumbell Set w rack
    Solar Suit
    MegaStrength Shoulder Bench ( stand)
    The Science and Practice of Body Composition Assessment
    Ramping 1-2-3
    Balance Block

  • T3 TUFF Cable Resistance Band - Pink
    CSAFE Coiled Cable 32 max
    Aero Pilates with Cardio Jump Board
    ProBell Workout Mat
    EN 371 Access Aerobiciser Premier Series
    Hurley Deluxe 1000 Stretcher
    Fibromyalgia: What Trainers Need to Know Part 1
    Exercise For Seniors

  • MegaStrength Donkey Calf Raise (400 lb., round foot block)
    MegaStrength Adj. High/Low Pulley (200 lb.)
    Pro Urethane Dumbbells w/ Chrome Handles - 1100 Lb Set
    Troy High Grade Fully Machined Gray Wide Flanged Olympic Weight Plates - 300 Lb Set
    Leslie Sansone - Get Up And Get Started - High Calorie Burn - DVD & Ankle Weights
    Locking Dumbbell Rack
    Aerobic Dance Exercise Movement Progressions
    Body Solid EXM1500S Home Gym

  • Oregon Scientific Pedometer, Pulse Meter PE316PM
    Slideboard Booties
    Deluxe Gym
    Pro Solid Steel Urethane Dumbbells w/ Stainless Steel Handles - 1200 Lb Set
    Canopy For Baby Jogger 2 (Wind & Rain or Bug & UV)
    Canopy For Twinner 2 (Wind & Rain or Bug & UV)
    Plyoback - 1 Tier Attachable Ball Rack
    MegaTuff Multi Use Rack - Commercial

  • MegaStrength Shoulder Press Machine (200 lb.)
    Life Fitness Crossrobics 1650 LE Remanufactured
    Tunturi T85F Treadmill - Folding
    MegaTuff Angled Squat Rack - Commercial
    Measuring Physical Activity in Youth
    MegaTuff Ram Hack w Weight Plate Storage
    Body Solid Powerline Adjustable Bench
    Strength Ball Training

  • Urban Rebounder Series - Compilation 5
    15 kg. Yellow Bumper Weight Plate
    2lb Weighted Handle 9 ft Leather Jump Rope
    MegaStrength Olympic Incline Bench (30*, Alum. spot stand)
    2'' Olympic Muscle Clamp Weight Collar - Pair
    MegaTuff Dumbbells Set - 2550 Lbs (105 to 150 lbs)
    Trainer In A Box
    Pro Steel Dumbbells w/ Chrome Handles - 2100 Lb Set

  • Cardio Express
    The First Step - Step N Shape
    MegaTuff Dumbbell Pair - 3 Lbs
    MegaStrength Beauty Bell Rack (3 tier)
    MegaStrength Ass. Chin & Dip(250 lb)
    Body Solid Powerline Dumbbell Rack
    Seated Leg Press Machine Attachment
    Keeping Your Athletes Healthy: Identifying and Screening Lower Quadrant Muscle Imbalances

  • Cateye Playstation? Interactive GameBike
    MegaStrength Military Bench Power Station (Front racks)
    Pro Urethane Dumbbells w/ Chrome Handles - 1150 Lb Set
    Rubber Encased Barbells w/ Rubber Endcaps - 20 to 110 Lb Set
    Body Solid Powerline Squat Stand
    Jumping Into Plyometrics
    Lisa Nunziella: Cardio Dance Core Made Simple
    Leadership: Roles & Responsibilities

  • Boot Camp Plus Cardio Kick
    Billy Blanks - Tae Bo Cardio - DVD & Exercise Mat
    Exercise Behavior Change Programs for the Physically Inactive
    A To Z Ankle Exerciser
    Straightleg Deadlift Platform
    Powertec PowerTec Vertical Training System
    Dumbbell Exercise Techniques
    Raw Power: Boa Grip Collars - Standard (Pair)

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