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Our promise of 100% satisfaction has not changed since we began Magellan's in 1989. If for any reason, at any time, you are not completely happy with any purchase, let us know. We'll make it right or cheerfully refund the full purchase price of the product. This guarantee includes all luggage (unless damaged while in the care of an airline), which will be repaired or replaced at our discretion.

May we suggest the following products:

  • Wrinkle-Free Shirt
    Men's BUZZ OFF Pant
    1st Class Sleeper
    Small Microfiber Healthy Back Bag
    10-Roller Hairsetter Set
    Eagle Creek All Aboard II

  • Badger Sleep Balm
    Mini Max Umbrella
    Men's Microfiber Pant
    E-Z Pack Organizer - Medium
    Non-grounding Adaptor Plug E
    Packable Plush Jacket

  • EarPlanes Adult Size (2 pair)
    BuzzNot Suspenders
    Men's Disposable Briefs (5 per pkg)
    Large Cocoons
    Travel Humidor
    Ultra Soles

  • 70-Watt Power Inverter
    Montoya Travel Loafer
    Streetwise Map – Athens
    Men's Support Socks
    Slim Tri-Fold Wallet
    Cord Cotton Set - Petite

  • Passport ID Holder
    The Pod
    Men's Disposable Briefs with Fly
    All Natural Shaving Oil
    Rib Knit Shell
    Lonely Planet Map- Rio De Janeiro

  • Pulsar Light
    Women's Disposable Bikini Briefs
    Komfort Kollar (Foam)
    Women's Leather Travel Slipper

  • Adjustable Folding Cane (Black)
    Lint Lifters
    Columbia Men's Walking Shoes
    26" Briggs & Riley Expandable Upright
    Roll-Up Travel Hat
    Rib-Knit Slim Skirt

  • Fite Bite
    Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Cube ES
    Eagle Creek Pack-It Compressor - Jumbo Bag
    Packtowl Personal (Medium)
    Travel Wine Glasses
    Ticket Organizer

  • Traveler's Tote Purse
    Komfort Kollar (Inflatable)
    Nail Polish Remover Pads
    Guide Bag
    Knee Defender

  • Toilet Set (10-envelope packet)
    Eagle Creek On Board
    OVR Super Trunk
    Sundry Kit
    Eagle Creek Pack-It Sacs (X-Small)
    Sidekick Bag

  • Men's BUZZ OFF Lite Long-Sleeved Shirt
    Microfiber Live-in Suit (Women's Sizes)
    Hand Clens (2 per order)
    Men’s Short Sleeve Cross-Over Tee
    Microfiber Robe with Travel Pouch
    Deluxe Secret Wallet

  • Slide Point Pen Refill
    Rechargeable AAA (850 mA) NiMH Batteries
    Marsona Sound Machine
    Eagle Creek Koala
    Extra-Large Cocoons

  • Digi-Cushions™
    Pet King Food Dish
    Local Backpack
    AA Batteries
    Wrinkle-Free Fabric Relaxant
    Reversible Resort Hat

  • 2005 Lonely Planet Calendar
    WalkAbout Lite Rolling Tote
    Slim Trim
    22” Switchback MAX ES
    Shoe Carrier
    Keepsake Globe Ornament

  • Mini Shortwave Radio
    12-Pocket Tote
    Pack-It Cube / Clear
    Dr. Shade
    EuroArch™ Footbeds

  • Automobile Catch-All
    Eagle Creek Zip Travel Wallet
    Plant Waterer (Large, for 10 - 12 inch pots)
    Janie Spot Cleaner
    Ottoman Knit Jacket

  • Eagle Creek’s Pack-It 2-Sided Cube ES
    UltraDome Magnifier
    Eagle Creek Fling Bag
    Backpack Purse
    Travel Sentry™ Locking Strap
    SnacPac Picnic Kit

  • Micro Turbo Hair Dryer
    EarPlanes Adult Size (10 pair)
    Telescoping Walking Staff
    Mesh Pockets Set (Set of Three)
    Self-Inflating Travel Pillow

  • EuroSurge
    Flatulence Filter
    Reverse Transformer Converter
    Packable Daypack
    Arcopédico Slide
    Tush Wipes (5oz)

  • Men's Muckers
    Eagle Creek Undercover Silk Waist Wallet
    Men's Drizzle-Proof Raincoat
    Travel Toilet Tissue
    Ultimate Explorer
    Kid's BUZZ OFF Long Sleeve Crew

  • Nalgene Travel Kit
    Eagle Creek Expandable 24
    Ball-of-Foot Cushion
    Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt
    Rib-Knit Pull-On Pant - Petites
    Eagle Creek Transfer

  • Men's V-Neck T-Shirt
    Earplugs (Seven pair of Hearos)
    Cotton Cord Stretch Knit Waistband Pant
    Magellan's III Rolling Tote
    Voltage Converter with Adaptor Plug Kit
    Silk DreamSack

  • Shuttle Bag
    Auto Retract Cord
    Eagle Creek’s Carry-on ES
    Leather Top-Loading Computer Case
    Insect Repellent Towelettes
    9-Volt Battery

  • Comfort Lumbar Pillow
    24” Granite Load Warrior w/Free Duffel
    Travel Wash
    Eagle Creek’s Medium Pack-It Folder ES
    Compass Travel Pin
    Women's Kinetic Sandal

  • 1X/7X Dual-Magnification Mirror
    10-Power Travel Mirror
    Eagle Creek Minimum
    Twist n'Go Razor
    Eagle Creek World Travel Clock
    Credit Card Pocketsafe

  • Magellan's III 27" Expandable Ballistic Rolling Upright
    Easy-Clip Luggage Strap
    Men's Polar Pair Slippers
    Modular Telephone Adaptor - Belgium
    Men's Long Underwear Tops

  • Petite Ottoman Knit Pant
    Women's Big Shirt
    BUZZ OFF Children's Hat
    Pack It Up Book
    Leather Travel Wallet
    Eagle Creek Undercover Silk Neck Pouch

  • Heavy-Duty Transformer 1000 Watt
    Travel Container Set (2 oz)
    Clear Pack-It Sac (Large)
    Braun Butane Steam Curling Iron
    Black-n-Brights Jacket
    Modular Telephone Adaptor - Israel & Greece (Old)

  • Giant Screen Alarm Clock
    Secret Waist Wallet
    Mini-Time Travel Alarm
    Door Stop Alarm
    Eagle Creek Matrix Symphonium
    Pinpoint Shirt 34/35 Sleeve

  • Time Wheel
    Petite Cotton Cord Stretch Knit Waistband Pant
    Ionic Hair Dryer
    Mesh Underwire Bra
    Rib-Knit Pull-On Pant
    Eagle Creek Data Transfer

  • Eagle Creek Pack-It Padded Half Cube
    Travel Shaving Brush
    Eagle Creek E-Ticket Organizer
    Medium Microfiber Healthy Back Bag
    30” Granite Load Warrior w/Free Duffel
    Vineyard Haven Hat

  • Rose Lady Travel Pin
    Men's CoolMax Briefs
    Eagle Creek Supreme Comfort Travel Strap
    Cotton Cord Elastic Waist Pants
    24” Garnet Load Warrior w/Free Duffel
    Eagle Creek Pre Board Pouch

  • 1,000 Places to See Before You Die
    Baruch Ha-Car Traveler’s Prayer
    Eagle Creek Pack-It 2-Sided Cube
    Eagle Creek Large Component Case
    Deluxe Pill Organizer
    Arcopedico Leather Loafer

  • Queen Loafers
    Women’s Short Sleeve Scoop-Neck Tee
    Poly/Wool Travel Slacks
    Padded Media Case
    Pack-It 2-Sided Half Cube
    Magellan's Gift Certificate- $25

  • Lonely Planet Map- Vancouver
    Leather Shoulder Bag
    Splash Caddy Junior
    Small In-Flight Microfiber Tote
    Grounding Adaptor Plug C
    Women's BUZZ OFF Pant

  • Stain Eraser
    Men’s Fleece Shirt
    Luggage Seals
    Eagle Creek Parent Survival Pack 2.0
    Comfort Seat Cushion
    Eagle Creek Super Lock

  • Eagle Creek’s Small Tube Cube ES
    Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Pocket Cube ES
    Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Large Cube ES
    Healthy Traveler First Aid Kit
    CoRead Translator
    Classic Driving Cap

  • Smart Packing for Today's Traveler
    Tropicana Cotton Suit
    Large Dry Case
    Passport Pocketsafe
    36" Cross-country Wheeled Duffle
    Soft-Touch Sleeveless Shell

  • Modular Telephone Adaptor - Sweden
    Converter for Heating Appliances with Adaptor Plugs
    Airport Transit Guide
    Women's Teva Circuit Sandal
    Women's BUZZ OFF Lite Long-Sleeved Shirt
    Leather Vertical Security Purse

  • Padded Camera Case
    Clear Pack-It Sac (Small)
    New ultra-compact Travelight Windefyer Umbrella
    Women's Crew-Length Walking Sock
    LightWedge Paperback Booklight

  • Ottoman Knit Shell
    Magellan's III 21" Expandable Ballistic Rolling Upright
    Elastic Waist Pants
    Med-Small Cocoons Sunglasses
    Eagle Creek Cloudburst Travel Umbrella

  • R.A.P.S. Portable Protective Wraps (20")
    Eclipse Mini Light
    Petite Magellan's Travel Pant
    Lonely Planet Map- Rome
    Lonely Planet Map- Boston
    Evac-U8 Smoke Hood

  • Grounding Adaptor Plug E
    Modular Telephone Adaptor - Colombia/Venezuela
    Women's Camisole
    Security Purse
    Piccadilly Shoulder Bag
    Dual-Access Rolling Computer Case

  • Women's Full-Cut Undies
    Flight Bag
    Reversible Raincoat
    Sloggers Overshoes
    Reversible Raincoat

  • Lonely Planet Map- Barcelona
    Micropur MP1
    Cotton Cord Pullover
    Mini Max Umbrella w/Flashlight
    Microfiber Blazer

  • Ultra-Mini Air Supply
    Anti-Bacterial Wipes
    Eagle Creek’s Large Pack-It Folder ES
    Women’s Cotton Cord Pullover
    Eagle Creek's 21" Pilot EXP Bag
    Bug Pants

  • Memory Foam Auto Seat Cushion
    Eagle Creek Parent Survival Pack
    Purse Pilot
    Travel Sunshades
    Toilet Seat Covers
    Modular Telephone Adaptor - Austria

  • Men's Travelite Microfiber Jacket
    Women's Dual Time Watch
    Women's Mid-Cut Undies
    Traveler's Convertibag
    HEAROS® Deep Sleep and Relaxation Kit
    Leather Travel Jewelery Box

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    Orders are generally shipped within 24 hours of receipt and delivery can be expected within 5-7 business days. Our standard delivery destinations include all 50 U.S. states, U.S. Territories, Puerto Rico, APO and FPO boxes. We use either the US Postal Service or UPS for standard deliveries.
    Rush Deliveries (2-3 Business Days): Please add $10.00 to the normal shipping fees.
    Overnight Deliveries (Next Business Day): Please add $20.00 to the normal shipping fees.

    Magellan's was founded by people who love travel for its ability to enrich our lives and increase our appreciation for the world in which we live. By sharing our knowledge and experience with other travelers, and offering useful and appreciated products to ease the bumpy roads, we help make travel a more comfortable, safe, and rewarding experience. We owe our success to three core principles:

    Providing travelers with a single source of state-of-the-art, quality travel products
    Providing up-to-the-minute and well-researched information to meet the needs of all travelers
    Providing an exceptional customer experience
    These principles are as relevant today as they were when Magellan's was founded in 1989. And while we have responded to changing market conditions, embraced technology, and are constantly adapting our strategies to continue to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, these principles, aligned with our organizational values, continue to define the way we do business. Our achievements are the direct result of the efforts of each individual in our organization.

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