Chaste Tree Berries Powder Cert. Organic (Vitex agnus castus; Nirgundi) 1 lb: C @ Kalyx Herbs & Foods online store

    Chaste Tree Berries Powder Cert. Organic (Vitex agnus castus; Nirgundi) 1 lb: C

    This is Starwest's nitrogen-flushed double wall silverfoil pack. Used as an infusion, decoction, extract and tincture. The 1997 Commission E on Phytotherapy and Herbal Substances of the German Federal Institute for Drugs recommends Chaste tree fruit for 'Irregularities of the menstrual cycle. Premenstrual complaints. Mastodynia [breast pain].' 'Daily dosage: aqueous-alcoholic extracts corresponding to 30 - 40 mg of the drug. Mode of Administration: Aqueous-alcoholic extracts (50 - 70 percent v/v) from the crushed fruits taken as liquid or dry extract.' Chaste tree fruit contains iridoid glycosides, flavonoids, and terpenoids. Clinical trials have shown significant reduction of the whole range of PMS symptoms resulting from prolonged use of Chaste tree berry extract, from irritability and headaches to cramping and breast pain. Other trials have shown genuine effectiveness for women suffering from infertility and irregular periods. Grieve's calssic 'A Modern Herbal': '...the berries somewhat like peppercorns, dark purple, halfcovered by their sage-green calyxes, yellowish within, hard, having an aromatic odour; taste warm, peculiar. The seeds were once held in repute for securing chastity, and the Athenian matrons in the sacred rites of Ceres used to string their couches with the leaves.' 'The fresh ripe berries are pounded to a pulp and used in the form of a tincture for the relief of paralysis, pains in the limbs, weakness, etc.' Chaste Tree Berries are ancient in European tradition for hemorrhage following childbirth and menstrual regulation, discussed at length by Hippocrates, Dioscorides and Theophrastus. Contemporary research supports these ancient physicians, showing that the whole fruit is medicinally active. Vitex causes the pituitary gland to produce luteinizing hormone. This increases progesterone production and helps regulate a woman's cycle, re-establishing the normal balance between estrogen and progesterone. The underproduction of progesterone can cause PMS and other related problems. This glandular balancing can be profoundly helpful during menopause. Vitex also keeps prolactin secretion in check. The ability to decrease mildly elevated prolactin levels may benefit some infertile women as well as some women with premenstrual syndrome. A double-blind study, confirming other studies, showed Vitex to be more effective than vitamin B6 in controlling PMS symptoms. This is not a fast acting remedy, and will not give immediate symptomatic relief. It is safe to use over long periods. Clinical Trials Women with fertility disorders benefited from V.agnus-castus obtaining more pregnancies then the placebo group Gerhard 1998 1.8 ml/d (60 drops) Vitex extract for 3 months to 48 women reduced menstrual associated breast pain Halaska 1998 Prolactin increased in men taking 120 mg/d but decreased with 480 mg/d Merz 1996 20 mg/d V. agnus castus to hyperprolactinaemia patie
    Manufacturer: Starwest Botanicals
    SKU: 17598
    Category: Bulk Herbs-Female Support

    China Chlorella 500 mg 120 tablets: K

    China Chlorella is a green, single-cell, fresh-water Micro-Algae. Chlorella is a whole food that is high in chlorophyll, proteins, enzymes, minerals, beta-carotene, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. The product has Vitamin C and E, Folic Acid, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium and Copper. Chlorella is used to regulate cholesterol levels, improve bowel function, encourage the bodily production of healthful bacteria, stimulate anti-viral activity, enhance immune function and anti-tumor activity, and help repair DNA. Pure Broken Cell Wall China Chlorella has double the digestibility and assimilation rates of Heat Treated or Whole Cell Chlorella. China Chlorella is a green, single-cell, fresh-water Micro-Algae which has been at the base of the planetary food chain for over 2.5 billion years. The nutritional value of China Chlorella sets it apart from all other foods. It contains 60% protein, 19 amino acids including all the essential ones plus at least12 important vitamins and 11 minerals. The Chlorophyll content of China Chlorella is 2%-3%, which is higher than any other known plant source. China Chlorella also contains 76 ppm (parts per million) of Germanium. Nucleic acids DNA and RNA occur naturally at some of the highest levels in China Chlorella. The China Chlorella Growth Factor or C.G.F., as it has been called, is the most valuable substance contained in China Chlorella. Though not entirely understood it accelerates the growth of organisms. China Chlorella is made of pure, whole, natural chlorella cells. The outer cell is cracked by a unique, instantaneous, chilled spray drying method. This ensures maximum digestibility and assimilation of all the vital nutrients. China Chlorella the Jewel of the Orient. Never before has so much been contained in so little. .
    Manufacturer: Natrol
    SKU: 29006
    Category: Capsules, Extracts, A-H-Food Supplements

    430 HPS System w/Deep Hood & Son Agro Bulb: G

    The Deep hood is the best choice for square growing areas. It covers a slightlysmaller area than the other hoods, but the area it does cover is illuminated more intensely. P.L.'s advanced lighting systems are made with one-piece aluminum reflectors which deliver an intense, uniform light for even growth of plants. Their new mounting collar makes them durable and easy to maintain. The P.L.'s compact, quiet ballast can be mounted on the wall for convenient remote control. The ballast comes with a five year warranty, and the bulb comes with a one year warranty.
    SKU: 13660
    Category: Hydroponics-P.L. Lighting

    (1000W max) (BOSS AUDIO PD-1000): R

    Manufacturer: Boss Audio
    SKU: 46910
    Category: Electronics-Mobile Audio & Video

    (10.25'' x 4.5'' x 6.5'') VGB 7200 Series Camcorder Cases (VANGUARD VGB7205): R

    VANGUARD VGB7205 / VGB7267 CAMCORDER CASE (10.25'' X 4.5''X 6.5'')
    Manufacturer: Vanguard
    SKU: 48333
    Category: Electronics-Camcorder & Camera Accessories

    Zero Zitz Emergency Power, All Skin Types 4 fl oz: K

    Face the world with Zero Zitz! Astunding breakthrough for breakouts! Gentle Vigilance. Cleanses, penetrates pores, attacks bacteria, softens skin, moisturizes, tones all in one step! See your way clear! Non-drying! Fast-acting astringents. Never harsh to your skin. Emergency Power: Extra Strength (We almost called it 'Prom Night!') Disaster Intervention with Sage, Carrot Seed and Lavender. 'Zero ZitzĀ® is my favorite; it's a blend of water, vinegar, Calendula, Lavender, Witch hazel, Echinacea, Hypericum, Hibiscus, Plantain, Comfrey and pure essential oils. I squeeze some onto a cotton ball and wipe the pimple-prone areas of my face a few times a day, especially when it's hot and after exercise. My son Zach has started using it too; it cleans and dries up zits and tightens pores without being harsh on the skin.' 'I just bought Well-in-Hand Herbal Zero Zitz Original Formula and could not be more pleased by the results. Withina few days I noticed a big difference and within a few weeks my complexion cleared up for the first time in many years. I no longer worry about what complexion disasters may strike, my skin feels nice and smooth and I hardly wear any make-up at all any more! ZeroZitz is truly a miracle product and I will remain a loyal customer and will continue to recommend it to all my friends. I love how gentle it is, and I feel great about using an all natural astringent. Thank you for designing such a wonderful product!' Sincerely, DB 'I really like your products. They smell good and work 'as advertised.' Most importantly they are clean and environmentally conscious and sustainable. It's always a pleasure talking with you. I wish you continued success in bringing wonderful, green 'personal therapy' products to the world.' D.M
    Manufacturer: Well-in-Hand Herbals
    SKU: 30636
    Category: Skin Care-Acne Products

    Chrome Pans/Blue Label (6'') (RANGE KLEEN 103-A): R

    Manufacturer: Range Kleen
    SKU: 49226
    Category: Electronics-Appliance Accessories

    Black & Decker Toast-It-All Super-Wide Slot Toaster: CM

    Removable crumb tray foreasy cleaning Pastry setting Cool-touch exterior Auto-adjust bread guides
    Manufacturer: Black and Decker
    SKU: 35707
    Category: Kitchenware-Cookware

    Distribution Amplifier (30 dB) (JVI 20TDA36): R

    Manufacturer: Jvi
    SKU: 44839
    Category: Electronics-Home & Personal Audio

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