Hamilton Beach 62515 5-Speed Hand Mixer: E @ Kalyx Herbs & Foods online store

    Hamilton Beach 62515 5-Speed Hand Mixer: E

    125 watts 5 speedsChrome beaters Bowl Rest™ mixer stabilizer Lightweight Convenient beater eject
    Manufacturer: Proctor-Silex
    SKU: 32616
    Category: Kitchenware-Food Preparation

    Calibration Weight 3KG: D

    CalibrationWeight 3KG: D
    Manufacturer: American Weigh
    SKU: 35562
    Category: Accessories-Scales

    Eve6 Undereve Vent: R

    EVE6Undereve Vent
    Manufacturer: Deflect-O
    SKU: 51399
    Category: Electronics-Appliance Accessories

    Organic All-Cotton Tampons with Applicator Regular Absorbency 16 count: K

    Since 1989, Natracare has offered women the all-natural choice in feminine hygiene protection. We guarantee that Natracare tampons are made from only 100% pure organic GMO free cotton. Certified organic by the Soil Association. 100% certified organic cotton, applicator and non-applicator tampons are available in both regular and super absorbency. Natracare Ultra winged pads use a natural absorbent core and a biodegradable plastic liner. Together with our Night time pads and breathable panty shields, Natracare offers a complete choice. Natracare also has a full range of press-on-towels including a degradable ultra pad with wings which uses a natural absorbent layer. Also available is a night-time pad, slender, regular and super pads, and a breathable panty shield. Key Benefits Certified Organic 100% Cotton applicator tampons Certified Organic 100% Cotton non-applicator tampons No synthetics, additives, or chlorine bleaches Breathable panty shields - no plastic backing Full line of press-on-pads Recommended by departments of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
    Manufacturer: Natracare
    SKU: 29065
    Category: Bath & Body-Feminine Care

    Bach Walnut Flower Essence 20 ml / 0.7 fl oz: K

    Walnut (Juglans Regia) Walnut is for those who find it difficult to adapt to change or who are over-sensitive to certain ideas, atmospheres and influences. It is the remedy for times of major life changes - teething, puberty, pregnancy, divorce, menopause, changes of religion, moving a job or home, giving up an addiction or breaking away from old ties and restrictions, also for the regrets caused by change - loss of friends and familiar circumstances, ageing, bereavement, approaching death, etc. Those in need of Walnut have definite ideals and ambitions and are keen to move forward in life but are held back or side-tracked by the influence of a stronger personality, by restrictive circumstances, by family ties or links with the past. They may be temporarily affected by another's personality or problems: it is useful for therapists, healers and counsellors dealing with emotionally troubled or draining clients. The positive potential of Walnut is the ability to move forward and remain steadfast to one's path in life, free of the past and to make necessary changes in life, carrying plans through despite discouragement, objections or ridicule from others. It is the remedy that provides constancy and protection from the influence of others. The Bach Flower Essences are made 100% naturally from spring water infused with wild flowers, either by the sun steeping method or by boiling. The Essences are hand produced exclusively in England without the aid of mechanical devices. You should always keepin mind, however, that the remedies are preserved in neat brandy, and for this reason use caution when giving them to recovering alcoholics or people who are allergic to alcohol or object to its use on religious or moral grounds. · Agrimony for people who put a brave face on their troubles · Aspen for people who are anxious or afraid but don't know why · Beech for people who are intolerant and critical of others. · Centaury for people who allow others to impose on them · Cerato for people who doubt their own judgment · Cherry Plum for uncontrolled, irrational thoughts and the fear of doing something awful · Chestnut Bud for people who repeat mistakes and don't learn from experience · Chicory for over-possessive, selfish people who cling to their loved ones · Clematis for day-dreamers · Crab Apple for those who dislike something about the way they look and as a general cleanser · Elm for responsible, capable people who in a crisis doubt their ability to cope · Gentian for people disheartened when something goes wrong · Gorse for people who have lost hope, often without cause · Heather for talkative types who are obsessed with their own problems · Holly for negative feelings of hatred, envy, jealousy and suspicion · Honeysuckle for people who live in the past · Hornbeam for mental tiredness at the thought of a coming task · Impatiens for impatience and irritation at other people's slowness · Larch for fear of failure and lack of confidence · Mimulus for p
    Manufacturer: Bach Flower Remedies
    SKU: 38615
    Category: Aromatherapy-Flower Essences & Oils

    Echinacea Purpurea Herb C/S Cert. Organic: 1 lb: C

    This is Starwest's nitrogen-flushed double wall silverfoil pack. Used as an infusion, decoction, extract, tincture and lotion. The 1997 Commission E on Phytotherapy and Herbal Substances of the German Federal Institute for Drugs recommends Purple coneflower herb (Echinacea purpurea) for 'Internal use: Supportive therapy for colds and chronic infections of the respiratory tract and lower urinary tract. External use: Poorly healing wounds and chronic ulcerations.' 'Contraindications External: None known. Internal: Progressive systemic diseases, such as tuberculosis, leucosis, collagenosis, multiple sclerosis. No parenteral administration in case of tendencies to allergies, especially allergies to members of the composite family (Asteraceae), as well as in pregnancy.' 'Daily dosage: 6 - 9 ml expressed juice; equivalent preparations. External: Semi-solid preparations containing at least 15 percent pressed juice. Mode of Administration: Pressed juice and galenical preparations for internal and external use. Duration of Administration: Preparations for internal and external use: Not longer than 8 weeks.' Actions: In human and/or animal experiments, Echinacea preparations given internally or parenterally have produced immune effects. Among others, the number of white blood cells and spleen cells is increased, the capacity for phagocytosis by human granulocytes is activated, and the body temperature is elevated.' Grieve: 'Echinacea purpurea has similar properties to E. angustifolia; the fresh root of this is the part used.' Ellingwood: 'There is considerable confusion concerning the identity of the active medicinal species of echinacea. The echinacea purpurea of the Eastern States has been thought to be identical with the echinacea angustifolia of the Western States. It is often used for the same purposes, but is universally disappointing. King introduced it into his dispensatory as rudbeckia purpurea.' The two forms of Echinacea share similar, but not identical, chemistries, and similar, but not identical, medical reputations. Echinacoside, for instance, is found in E. angustifolia but not E. purpurea. But the two plants are so closely related, that an amateur botanist would have difficulty telling one from the other by looks alone. Echinacea possesses confirmed anitbacterial and antiviral properties. It is profoundly supportive of the immune system. Echinacea is effective both internally, against such as colds, flu and tonsilitis, and externally againstmany kinds of stubborn skin problems. The decoction can be used as a mouthwash for pyorrhoea and gingivitis, and as a douche for vaginal infections. Echinacea is the subject of much contemporary research. Its complex chemistry seems to support the immune system by activating white blood cells. Echinacea also increases the production of interferon, an important part of the body’s response to viral infections. Many double-blind studies have confirmed that echinacea is effective for tr
    Manufacturer: Starwest Botanicals
    SKU: 18080
    Category: Bulk Herbs-Immune Enhancers

    (18 gauge, 500 ft) (PETRA ELR-WW105(T18/PT/500'P): R

    Manufacturer: Petra
    SKU: 44365
    Category: Electronics-Cables & Connectors

    Jvi 50-Cwps40 Iv 2.2 Ghz Phone Mod & Coax Wall Pl: R

    Manufacturer: Jvi
    SKU: 51662
    Category: Electronics-Cables & Connectors

    Medicated Leaven - 4 Oz. Box (Shen Qu) Powdered: 500 gm (1.17 lb): V

    This is Plum Flower brand's nitrogen-flushed vacuum pack. Plum Flower is one of the most distinguished herb houses in the world. Sulfur Free, Chlorine Free, Aluminum Phosphate Free. Sulfites are used to give herbs the appearance of freshness. As with dried fruit. un-sulfured herbs look different than those that are adulterated with preservatives. Herbs that are preservative free are more natural looking and are generally darker. The brightness of the herbs may be appealing, but it indicates the presence of harmful additives. Despite their appearance, unsulfured herbs are more fresh and safer than regular commercially available products. The use of sulfur, chlorine and aluminum phosphate was made unnecessary through the establishment of Plum Flower processing stations in China. Herb harvesters slice and process the herbs fresh, avoiding the need to rehydrate dried herbs later to process. This first step is crucial, as rehydration leads to decomposition and thus the need for preservatives. The herbs are then packed and the packages vacuum-packed, injected with nitrogen, and sealed. The nitrogen process combined with the lack of sulfur treatment inhibits the growth of anaerobic organisms, resulting in safer, higher quality herbs. After opening, store in a cool dry place. The facilities in Lanzhou and Guang Zhou, China, scientifically test each batch of herbs before, during and after the processing to make sure that all the active ingredients are present. Herbs are also tested to ensure that the formulas surpass all FDA guidelines regarding heavy metals. Those herbs exported to the U.S. are voluntarily submitted to the FDA for approval. Finally, batches are regularly sent out for quality control testing in third-party labs to double-ensure that Plum Flower products are100% free of pharmaceuticals, preservatives and dyes. The Lanzhou and Guang Zhou factories are so clean, they are certified by the Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (GMP). These standards surpass any of the FDA, and are considered the highest for any government agency in the world. Varuna Fulfillment Center items are special ordered. These take an extra week to deliver.
    Manufacturer: Plum Flower Brand
    SKU: 15041
    Category: Chinese Herbs-Bulk Herbs

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