Proctor-Silex 33040 4 Qt Slow Cooker, White: E @ Kalyx Herbs & Foods online store

    Proctor-Silex 33040 4 Qt Slow Cooker, White: E

    4 Qt Stoneware Slow Cooker Cooks a 4 lb. chicken, two 2 lb. roasts and more Dishwasher safe crockand lid Keep warm setting Versatile, stain proof crock removes for serving and refrigerator storage Recipes included
    Manufacturer: Proctor-Silex
    SKU: 32514
    Category: Kitchenware-Cookware

    GSI Stainless Steel Flask Funnel: CM

    Height:1.5'' .3 oz Great for pouring your favorite drink intoyour flask
    Manufacturer: GSI
    SKU: 37420
    Category: Camping & Outdoors-Flasks

    WaterColors Nail Enamel Risque, Deep Plum Berry Red Matte 0.5 fl oz: K

    Finally, there's a great alternative to traditional solvent-based nail polish! Our WaterColors Nail Enamel is water-based, and allows the nail bed to breathe. But perhaps best of all, it's odor-free AND there's no need for harsh nail polish remover. Simply start at one corner, and peel off. Wash hands with soap and water to remove any left over traces of polish. Change colors easily with every outfit; great for people on the go. Plus this non-toxic formula contains no toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and NO FD&C colors, only natural mineral pigments. It's also a great alternative the younger ones just getting into ''make-up'' and teens who seem to change outfits every five minutes! Key Features of our WaterColors Nail Enamel: - Non-toxic: no toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate - No FD&C colors; only natural mineral pigments - Water-based, not solvent-based like traditional polish - Odor-free! No more nasty fumes - No need for toxic nail polish remover - this product peels off - Long lasting and provides great coverage at a great price - Beautiful trendy colors to match our ColorBalm Naturals Lipstick - Nothing else like it on the market - totally unique Camelot - shimmery medium ruby red with slight brown undertones Clear Base/Top Coat - clear Cherokee - matte medium brown with mauve undertones; good neutral color Desire - intense matte brick red with a deep scarlet hue Fairy Dust - pale sparkling frosty pink Goddess - deep frosty plum silver with deep pink undertones Hippie Chick - funky matte lavender Mocha Latte - creamy pale frosty brown with a silver cast Moulin Rouge - sultry sparkly ruby fuschia Risque - very deep plum berry red; matte Romance - matte medium red plum with very slight brown undertones; good neutral color San Francisco - frosty shimmery peachy pink with a silver cast Shiny Penny - the color of a brand new penny; sparkly copper Tuscany - frosty shimmering grape with silvery pink undertones Valentine - matte medium soft true pink Vintage Merlot - extremely intense very deep red wine
    Manufacturer: Honeybee Gardens
    SKU: 40283
    Category: Skin Care-Nail & Hair Removal Products

    POPpup Edible Potato Bone enriched with Cheese Regular Size 4 3/8'': K

    POPpup® Potato Bones Edible Bone Shaped Dog Chew Natural gourmet health chews that you microwave for an even tastier, crunchier texture. POPpup® Potato Bones contain NO plastic, NOadded sugar and NO added salt - just great taste in fun flavors for your adult dog.
    Manufacturer: Nylabone Products
    SKU: 29423
    Category: Household & Pets-Dog Bones

    Ester-C 500 mg with Bioflavonoids 90 tablets: K

    • Non-Acidic • Gentler, Unique Form of Vitamin C • With Bioflavonoids • 100% Vegetarian. Ester-C® is a unique form of Vitamin C containing naturally occuring metabolites. Ester-C®'s patented manufacturing process neutralizes the pH, making Ester-C® gentle on the digestive system. Ester C with Bioflavonoids is primarily an antioxidant used to prevent infections, bruising, colds& flu, sinusitis, sore throats, blood clots, arthersclerosis, high blood pressure, physical and mental stress, weak immune system, cholesterol levels, liver toxicity and collagen formation. .
    Manufacturer: Natrol
    SKU: 29129
    Category: Capsules, Extracts, I-Z-Vitamin C

    Ultralink Cl-216/500 16-Gauge, 2-Conductor In-Wall Speaker Cable: R

    Manufacturer: Ultralink
    SKU: 51032
    Category: Electronics-Cables & Connectors

    Hazelnut Herbal Coffee 8.5 oz Can: K

    For Caffeine Free Cappuccinos & Lattes. The buttery richness of Turkish hazelnuts slightly sweetened by figs,a traditional coffee flavoring in Turkey, compliments the dark roasted flavor notes of carob, barley and chicory. The first time I tasted hazelnuts was in France when my tastebuds were tantalized by a jar of scrumptious spread. My schoolgirl French was put to the test by ''noisette'' on the label. Too good to be peanut butter, not almond, what was it? It was Hazelnut butter! My love affair with Hazelnuts began then, but it really came to frutition when I designed Teeccino's Hazelnut. I long since gave up rich foods, but here was the same richness with a nuttiness that keeps you desiring it way past the last drop. Hazelnut is what the word ''Savoury'' is meant to describe. Now you can enjoy something sinfully rich without worrying. .
    Manufacturer: Teeccino
    SKU: 30037
    Category: Teas & Coffees-Fruit & Herb Tea Blends

    Tangerine Seed (Citrus reticulata; Ju He) Whole: 500 gm (1.17 lb): V

    This is Plum Flower brand's nitrogen-flushed vacuum pack. Plum Flower is one of the most distinguished herb houses in the world. Sulfur Free, Chlorine Free, Aluminum Phosphate Free. Sulfites are used to give herbs the appearance of freshness. As with dried fruit. un-sulfured herbs look different than those that are adulterated with preservatives. Herbs that are preservative free are more natural looking and are generally darker. The brightness of the herbs may be appealing, but it indicates the presence of harmful additives. Despite their appearance, unsulfured herbs are more fresh and safer than regular commercially available products. The use of sulfur, chlorine and aluminum phosphate was made unnecessary through the establishment of Plum Flower processing stations in China. Herb harvesters slice and process the herbs fresh, avoiding the need to rehydrate dried herbs later to process. This first step is crucial, as rehydration leads to decomposition and thus the need for preservatives. The herbs are then packed and the packages vacuum-packed, injected with nitrogen, and sealed. The nitrogen process combined with the lack of sulfur treatment inhibits the growth of anaerobic organisms, resulting in safer, higher quality herbs. After opening, store in a cool dry place. The facilities in Lanzhou and Guang Zhou, China, scientifically test each batch of herbs before, during and after the processing to make sure that all the active ingredients are present. Herbs are also tested to ensure that the formulas surpass all FDA guidelines regarding heavy metals. Those herbs exported to the U.S. are voluntarily submitted to the FDA for approval. Finally, batches are regularly sent out for quality control testing in third-party labs to double-ensure that Plum Flower products are 100% free of pharmaceuticals, preservatives and dyes. The Lanzhou and Guang Zhou factories are so clean, they are certified by the Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (GMP). These standards surpass any of the FDA, and are considered the highest for any government agency in the world. Varuna FulfillmentCenter items are special ordered. These take an extra week to deliver.
    Manufacturer: Plum Flower Brand
    SKU: 14492
    Category: Chinese Herbs-Bulk Herbs

    Frankincense Ayurvedic Incense 10 Grams: K

    Made from pure fruit and floral essences, herbs, woods, and resins found in nature, each stick is guaranteed nontoxic. Enjoy the experience of Ayurvedic aromatics and feelgood!
    Manufacturer: HerbalVedic
    SKU: 28312
    Category: Aromatherapy-Incense

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