Slumber Extract 50 vegicaps: K @ Kalyx Herbs & Foods online store

    Slumber Extract 50 vegicaps: K

    PromotesRestful Sleep
    Manufacturer: Nature's Answer
    SKU: 40489
    Category: Capsules, Extracts, I-Z-Sedatives

    Meditation Patchouli & Frankincense VegePure Votive 18 pk: K

    Patchouli and Frankincense Patchouli is grounding and balancing while Frankincense has been used in spiritual settings for over 3,000 years. Together they are meditative and mystical. Aroma Naturals began over ten years ago in thekitchen of its founders. Our mission then, as it remains today: to apply a natural philosophy of plant and flower aromas to enhance well-being. Our candles are handcrafted with expertise and great care. The essential oils in our aromatherapy candles are harvested at their peak to ensure purity, freshness and environmental sanctity. Master blending is done in small, personally attended batches to protect the integrity of each aroma. Burn Times: 3x6 pillar = 100 hrs 2.75x5 pillar = 70 hrs 3x3.5 pillar = 60 hrs 2.5x4 pillar = 50 hrs 2.25x3 pillar = 25 hrs votive = 12 hrs
    Manufacturer: Aroma Naturals
    SKU: 34699
    Category: Aromatherapy-Candles

    Pleurisy Root C/S (Asclepias tuberosa) 1 lb: C

    This is Starwest's nitrogen-flushed double wall silverfoil pack. Used as an infusion, decoction, extract and tincture. Grieve's classic 'A Modern Herbal': 'The rootstock, the part used medicinally, is spindle-shaped and has a knotty crown, slightly but distinctly annulate, the remainder longitudinally wrinkled.' 'The Western Indians boil the tubers for food, prepare a crude sugar from the flowers and eat the young seed-pods, after boiling them, with buffalo meat. Some of the Canadian tribes use the young shoots as a potherb, after the manner of asparagus.' 'Antispasmodic, diaphoretic, expectorant, tonic, carminative and mildly cathartic.' 'From early days this Asclepias has been regarded as a valuable medicinal plant. It is one of the most important of the indigenous American remedies, and until lately was official in the United States Pharmacopoeia.' 'It possesses a specific action on the lungs, assisting expectoration, subduing inflammation and exerting a general mild tonic effect on the system, making it valuable in all chest complaints. It is of great use in pleurisy, mitigating the pain and relieving the difficulty of breathing, and is also recommended in pulmonary catarrh. It is extensively used in the Southern States in these cases, also in consumption, in dosesof from 20 grains to a drachm in a powder, or in the form of a decoction.' 'It has also been used with great advantage in diarrhoea, dysentery and acute and chronic rheumatism, in low typhoid states and in eczema. It is claimed that the drug may be employed with benefit in flatulent colic and indigestion, but in these conditions it is rarely used.' 'In large doses it acts as an emetic and purgative.' 'A teacupful of the warm infusion (1 in 30) taken every hour will powerfully promote free perspiration and suppressed expectoration. The infusion may be prepared by taking 1 teaspoonful of the powder in a cupful of boiling water.' 'The decoction is taken in doses of 2 to 3 fluid ounces.' 'The dose of the fluid extract is ½ to 1 drachm; of Asclepin, 1 to 4 grains.' 'A much-recommended herbal recipe is: Essence of composition powder, 1 oz.; fluid extract of Pleurisy Root, 1 oz. Mix and take a teaspoonful three or four times daily in warm sweetened water.' King's 1898 Dispensatory: 'Asclepias, or pleurisy root, was one of the most common of the indigenous medicines employed by the Eclectic fathers. It was favorably written upon by most of the earlier writers on American medicinal plants. The drug has fallen into unmerited neglect, and could profitably be employed at the present day for purposes for which much more powerful, and sometimes dangerous, drugs are used. It has an extensive range of usefulness, being possessed of diaphoretic, diuretic, laxative, tonic, carminative, expectorant, and probably antispasmodic properties.' 'Pleurisy root has a deservedly good reputation in respiratory diseases. It acts upon the mucous membrane of the pulmonary tract, augmenting
    Manufacturer: Starwest Botanicals
    SKU: 19922
    Category: Bulk Herbs-Lung Support

    Spitfire Decal, Fireball: SK

    Spitfire Decal, Fireball: SK
    Manufacturer: SPITFIRE
    SKU: 42242
    Category: Sports, Toys & Games-Decals

    Copper Ground Strap (PETRA ): R

    Manufacturer: Petra
    SKU: 44659
    Category: Electronics-Cables & Connectors

    Regular Graduated Scalpel Handles - each: CR

    Getting tired of having a dull scalpel to cut your cultures? These highly durable, exceptionally strong blades are specialized for microbiological and mycological use. Manufactured in England from stainless steel, each handle is designed to incorporate smooth loading and balance. Precision is obvious with their satin finish and fine quality handles. Shown in the picture above (top) is our long handle stainless steel scalpel. (Middle) is our regular handle scalpels. Both handles use a #11 size blade and work great for cutting cultures, cloning or even field work. Our long handle is over 6 inches in length (not including blade) and is great for reaching inside of long culture tubes. (Botton) These disposable scalpels are ideal for those working with different culturesat the same time. Each scalpel is packaged with a flexible blade cover for user protection.
    SKU: 16758
    Category: Mushrooms-Culture Tools

    Guggul Fat Metabolism 500 mg, 50 vegetarian capsules: K

    Gugulipid comes from a tree in India called a mukul tree and is the extract of the oleoresin (gum guggul). It's active components, Z-guggulsterone and E-guggulsterone, havean ability to lower both cholseterol and triglyceride levels. It does this by increasing the liver's metabolism of LDL-cholesterol, thus limiting its accumulation in the blood stream. Safety studies done on animals have shown it to be nontoxic. The classical treatise on Ayurvedic medicine, Sushrita Samhita, describes the use of guggul for a wide variety of conditions, including rheumatism and obesity. Standardized guggul extracts are approved in India for lowering elevated serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Guggul contains resin, volatile oils, and gum. The extract isolates ketonic steroid compounds known as guggulsterones. These compounds have been shown to provide the cholesterol- and triglyceride-lowering actions noted for guggul. Guggul significantly lowers serum triglycerides and cholesterol as well as LDL and VLDL cholesterols (the 'bad' cholesterols). At the same time, it raises levels of HDL cholesterol (the 'good' cholesterol). As antioxidants, guggulsterones keep LDL cholesterol from oxidizing, an action which protects against atherosclerosis. Guggul has also been shown to reduce the stickiness of platelets—another effect that lowers the risk of coronary artery disease. One double-blind trial found guggul extract similar to the drug clofibrate for lowering cholesterol levels. Other clinical trials in India (using 1,500 mg of extract per day) have confirmed guggul extracts improve lipid levels in humans. Overindulgence can produce diarrhea, anorexia, abdominal pain, and skin rash. A more common side-effect is mild abdominal discomfort. Guggul should be used with caution by people with liver disease and in cases of inflammatory bowel disease and diarrhea. A physician should be consulted before treating elevated cholesterol and triglycerides.
    Manufacturer: Nature's Formulary
    SKU: 29203
    Category: Capsules, Extracts, A-H-Ayurvedic Formulas

    GSI 7 Piece Hard Anodized Extreme Cookset 148362: CM

    Lightweight Hard Anodized aluminum excels at even heat control Extreme triple coat non-stick interior for easy cleaning and healthful cooking with less oil or butter Dynamic cooking surface has over ten times the heat conductivity of Stainless Steel ''The finest outdoor cookware ever'' Hard Anodization is a treatment, not a coating like non-sticks a process which actually alters the structure of the aluminum and hardens the surface, sealing the aluminum away from direct contact with your food. Hard Anodized treatment is harder than stainless steel, incredibly scratch resistant, nonporous and stick-resistant it transfers heat quickly and evenly! Lightweight, gourmet caliber designs feature our exclusive DiamondBack Gripper™which utilizes a stainless strap system preventing damage to the non- stick interior Sets nest compactly, lids double as fry pans Our unique DiamondBack Gripper and a mesh storage bag will be included Includes: 1 qt., 1.5 qt., and 2 qt. Pots w/ Fry Pan/Lids DiamondBack Gripper Mesh Storage Bag
    Manufacturer: GSI
    SKU: 37297
    Category: Camping & Outdoors-Cookware & Mess Kits

    Lavender Perfumed Flower Candle: 2¾'' x 3'' Pillar: K

    The Lavender candle may help relieve stress, anger, depression, hypertension, mood swings, insomnia, headache,hyperactivity and be helpful for PMS, motion sickness and fevers. The timeless beauty of Nature is reflected in Auroshika Flower Candles. Dried flower designs are crafted and applied by hand to hand poured candles. The artistry of the native craftspeople of southern India has a feeling of simple joy and delight that shines through in these candles. Natural fragrances enhance this simple joy with a gently uplifting sense of well being. With the sweet purity of Jasmine, the expressive heart-felt sweetness of Rose, the woody richness of Sandal, or the beloved freshness of Lavender, you will find your spirit uplifted and soothed. Create moods of clarity, romance or mystery, anything you choose. Auroshika, world renowned for their revival of the ancient art of incense making and their extraordinary variety of incense, provides a range of candle fragrances and styles to match your mood and surroundings.
    Manufacturer: Auroshikha Incense
    SKU: 25811
    Category: Aromatherapy-Candles

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