S-Video Cable (6 ft) (PETRA 255-200 C5613/G/TS/BK6): R @ Kalyx Herbs & Foods online store

    S-Video Cable (6 ft) (PETRA 255-200 C5613/G/TS/BK6): R

    Manufacturer: Petra
    SKU: 44312
    Category: Electronics-Cables & Connectors

    Golden Champa Incense 10 grams: K

    The rarest concentrated essence of our popular classic floral blend. Each jumbo stick burns for more than an hour and a half.
    Manufacturer: Blue Pearl
    SKU: 27198
    Category: Aromatherapy-Incense

    Bloody Mess Skate Wax: SK

    Bloody Mess Skate Wax: SK
    Manufacturer: SCARECROW
    SKU: 43757
    Category: Sports, Toys & Games-Wax

    Fiskars 10'' Folding Saw: CM

    The FISKARS® 10'' Folding Saw is durable and strong and features a North American hardwood handle and a high carbon steel blade with a patented Woodzig Tooth design for less binding. Lifetime warranty High carbon steel blade Patented Woodzig blade design Hardwood handle Easy-to-grip design Push button lock 10''blade
    Manufacturer: Fiskars
    SKU: 36961
    Category: Camping & Outdoors-Hand Saws

    (30-32'' TV) (PEERLESS PM 632): R

    Manufacturer: Peerless
    SKU: 44482
    Category: Electronics-A/V Mounts, Furniture, & Storage

    Hudson Medium Camcorder Bag (RCA BC04HU): R

    Manufacturer: Rca
    SKU: 48320
    Category: Electronics-Camcorder & Camera Accessories

    Lotus Root - Sliced (Nelumbo nucifera; Lian Ou) Whole: 500 gm (1.17 lb): V

    This is Plum Flower brand's nitrogen-flushed vacuum pack. Used as an infusion, decoction, extract and tincture. All parts of the flowers and leaves of the Sacred Lotus, Nelumbo nucifera, are a traditional relaxing and inebriating smoke, resembling a mild cannabis. They are aslo brewed into a delightful tea, and are also steeped in wine. The flowers are edible, the petals often placed in soups and used as a garnish. The seeds are eaten raw, roasted, candied, or popped like popcorn. The thick, starchy rhizomes are boiled, stir-fried and pickled. Lotus blossoms are sacred to Hindus and Buddhists because of their ancient sedative and shamanic function. The plants are commonly grown in Asia for the rhizomes and seeds. Asian water lotus is closely related to water lilies (Nymphaea), and is sometimes placed in the water lily family (Nymphaeaceae). Plum Flower is one of the most distinguished herb houses in the world. Sulfur Free, ChlorineFree, Aluminum Phosphate Free. Sulfites are used to give herbs the appearance of freshness. As with dried fruit. un-sulfured herbs look different than those that are adulterated with preservatives. Herbs that are preservative free are more natural looking and are generally darker. The brightness of the herbs may be appealing, but it indicates the presence of harmful additives. Despite their appearance, unsulfured herbs are more fresh and safer than regular commercially available products. The use of sulfur, chlorine and aluminum phosphate was made unnecessary through the establishment of Plum Flower processing stations in China. Herb harvesters slice and process the herbs fresh, avoiding the need to rehydrate dried herbs later to process. This first step is crucial, as rehydration leads to decomposition and thus the need for preservatives. The herbs are then packed and the packages vacuum-packed, injected with nitrogen, and sealed. The nitrogen process combined with the lack of sulfur treatment inhibits the growth of anaerobic organisms, resulting in safer, higher quality herbs. After opening, store in a cool dry place. The facilities in Lanzhou and Guang Zhou, China, scientifically test each batch of herbs before, during and after the processing to make sure that all the active ingredients are present. Herbs are also tested to ensure that the formulas surpass all FDA guidelines regarding heavy metals. Those herbs exported to the U.S. are voluntarily submitted to the FDA for approval. Finally, batches are regularly sent out for quality control testing in third-party labs to double-ensure that Plum Flower products are 100% free of pharmaceuticals, preservatives and dyes. The Lanzhou and Guang Zhou factories are so clean, they are certified by the Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (GMP). These standards surpass any of the FDA, and are considered the highest for any government agency in the world. Varuna Fulfillment Center items are special ordered. These take an extra week to de
    Manufacturer: Plum Flower Brand
    SKU: 14512
    Category: Chinese Herbs-Bulk Herbs

    Echinacea Angustifolia Root. Powder Cert. Organic: 1 lb: C

    This is Starwest's nitrogen-flushed double wall silverfoil pack. Used as an infusion, decoction, extract tincture and lotion. The 1997 Commission E on Phytotherapy and Herbal Substances of the German Federal Institute for Drugs recommends Echinacea pallida [Echinacea angustifolia] root for 'Supportive therapy for influenza-like infections.' 'Daily dosage: Tincture (1:5) with 50 percent (v/v) ethanol from native dry extract (50 percent ethanol, 7 - 11:1), corresponding to 900 mg herb. Information for children's dosage is not available. Mode of Administration: Liquid forms for oral administration. Duration of Administration: Not longer than 8 weeks.' Echinacea possesses confirmed anitbacterial and antiviral properties. It is profoundly supportive of the immune system, and, as Dr. Ellingwood's ecstatic clinical review below indicates (only part of which is quoted here), Echinacea's therapeutic power amazed practitioners. Echinacea is effective both internally, against such as colds, flu and tonsilitis, and externally against many kinds of stubborn skin problems. The decoction can be used as a mouthwash for pyorrhoea and gingivitis, and as a douche for vaginal infections. Echinacea is the subject of much contemporary research. Its complex chemistry seems to support the immune system by activating white blood cells. Echinacea also increases the production of interferon, an important part of the body’s response to viral infections. Many double-blind studies have confirmed what Ellingwood's extenvie clinical experience indicated, that echinacea is effective for treating colds and flu. Other modern clincial studies confirm that echinacea, taken both internally and used as a douche, is extremely effective against vaginal yeast infections. Grieve's classic 'A Modern Herbal': 'Echinacea increases bodily resistance to infection and is used for boils, erysipelas, septicaemia, cancer, syphilis and other impurities of the blood, its action being antiseptic.' 'It has also useful properties as a strong alterative and aphrodisiac.' 'As an injection, the extract has been used for haemorrhoids and a tinctureof the fresh root has been found beneficial in diphtheria and putrid fevers.' King's 1898 Dispensatory: 'As a therapeutic agent echinacea is often used both internally and locally at the same time; therefore in this article the internal and external uses will not be given separately, but collectively. And inasmuch as echafolta is a name given to distinguish a purified form of echinacea, the remarks concerning the one are equally applied to the other, except in important surgical cases, where greater cleanliness is desired, when echafolta is to be preferred.' 'If any single statement were to be made concerning the virtues of echinacea, it would read something like this: 'A corrector of the depravation of the body fluids,' and even this does not sufficiently cover the ground. Its extraordinary powers—combining essentially that formerly inc
    Manufacturer: Starwest Botanicals
    SKU: 18064
    Category: Bulk Herbs-Cold & Flu

    French Lavender Luxury Spa Kit: K

    Contains: 1 Lavender Very Emollient Bath & Shower Gel 12 oz; 1 Original Very Emollient Body Lotion 12 oz; 1 Lavender Bath Bar Soap 7 oz; 1 Honey/Mango Travel Bath & Shower Gel 2 oz; 1 Bath Mitt
    Manufacturer: Alba Botanica
    SKU: 34041
    Category: Skin Care-Gift Sets

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